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We Buy Stamps

We sell huge quantities through our auctions and constantly need to buy stamps and other philatelic material to replenish our stocks. Good prices paid for the right material.

PLEASE DO NOT send stamps to us without checking with us first that they are suitable. Email Us.

What we want:

  • Good quality collections and accumulations
  • Substantial Estate lots
  • High quality better sets and singles.  Examples: 1948 Silver Wedding sets, KE7/KG5 complete sets ½d-£1 or top values, mint or fine used; KG6/early QE definitive sets um or vfu; rarities, errors, proofs, essays, etc
    • Mint must be fine – no creases, no short perfs, no tears, no repairs, no toning, no rusting, no fading
    • Modern mint should be unmounted
    • Used must be fine with clear, light and genuine cancels of the period
    • Covers must be clean, no creases, no toning, etc.

What we do not want:

  • School boy collections – albums of all world with a few stamps from numerous countries
    • Such collections tend to be masses of common stamps from normal mail or from 'packets of 50 Foreign' and are usually worth very little, often less than the cost of getting them to us.
  • Kiloware
  • Anything with defects
  • Masses of common stamps
  • Collections of 1981 Royal Wedding, 1978 Coronation and similar Royalty issues after 1970
  • Benham silk covers
  • Basic First day covers (unless before 1966)
  • Modern progressive proofs

We do buy these 'unwanted' items but only if they come as part of a much larger accumulation containing material that we do need.