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Choose from 1000s of lots of fine British and Foreign Stamps see home page for Link to List.

Lot descriptions are colour coded:  

Lot number green, country black, description blue, estimate red (UK Pounds).

Example: 457 Cameroons 1960 Ovpt set on Nigeria sgT1-12 vf mint cat £30.{photo}..£10

Estimates are the prices we expect the lots to sell for.  These are at a substantial discount below catalogue value and take condition into account.   £1 is about US$1.30.    Abbreviations.

Searching for What you Want: To locate lots related to a country or topic use FIND (hold down the CTRL-key and press F).  In the box displayed, enter the character string of interest and press enter. For example, to find all the China lots – CTRL-F – china – enter– each enter key will find the next lot with china in its description.  When you find China in black text, that is a section heading – stop using FIND and look at the lots that follow. These are also China until the next section heading. To find all Perfins, do the same looking for the character string perfin.

No Quibble Refund Guarantee:  We want you to be satisfied with all purchases and be a contented customer for many years.   In the unlikely event that a lot is not correctly described - simply tell us why and return it in its original condition for a refund or Credit.  We get so few items returned (less then a half percent) we can afford to give this level of satisfaction.

Specialised Items: Many of our GB lots are specialised shades, varieties or with difficult postmarks, etc. These are estimated to reflect their scarcity and should not be compared to prices elsewhere for the basic stamps.  If you want just basic Commemoratives or Definitives at competitive prices, please ask us for them.

NO Buyers’ Premium, NO Handling Charge, NO Card Charges, NO VAT added – Simply Value for Money.

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