Jamaica KG6 5s – the scarce line perf 14 – a forgery

The KG6 5s exists with line perf 14. This is rare mint and scarce used. There was no London supply to the stamp trade, it was released only in Jamaica. SG list it (SG132a) at £7000 mint and £250 used. By contrast, the common comb perf 14, sg132 is worth a lot less, (£20 mint and £3.75 used).

In another auction, we bought a rare used one, but determined it was a forgery. The item was a normal stamp that had been ‘enhanced’.

Below we show a genuine line perf 5s, the forgery and a magnified version of its lower left corner. The genuine 5s line perf was sold in our November 2003 sale so we now only have our scan of it rather than the real thing!

Jamica 5s

What are the tell-tale signs?

To its credit, the auction house from whence we acquired it took it back.

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