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Links to other Philatelic and useful sites


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·         ADPS Stamp Dealers' Society

·         Basingstoke and District Philatelic Society

·         Bellville (South Africa) Philatelic Society

·         Board of Trade Perfins forgeries 

·         Commercial Security Overprints

·         Commonwealth Post Offices

·         Commonwealth Printing Details - a useful guide to identifying printings and SG numbers

·         Exponet  virtual philatelic exhibition – impressive collections from around the world – well worth a look

·         GB Victorian Post Towns – enables partial search on town names

·         Hampshire Philatelic Federation

·         Heligoland – forgeries and reprints vs genuine details

·         Assorted philatelic guidance for beginners

·         Identifying Partial Postmarks – database of British postmarks searchable by partial name

·         King George Sixth Collectors Society

·         King George V Silver Jubilee Stamps – useful study papers, forgeries, etc.

·         Langenberg's Lighthouses; Russian/Hungary Cinderella - revenues, perfins, zemstvos etc. from Russia, Hungary and Denmark.   Also Dutch lighthouses and whiskey.

·         Paula Cant Stamps – Thematics and new issues of the world

·         Philatelic Blog - It is in Portuguese but Google translate does a good job!

·         Philatelic references site including literature

·         Railway Stamps World Catalogue – A fairly comprehensive listing of Railway thematic stamps including Cinderella.  The site is in Russian but has English translations.

·         Railway Telegraph Numbers – A comprehensive listing of Railway Telegraph Office Cancels and their Numbers

·         Rarities & Postal History of India, Nepal & Indian States – Pages from a rather nice collection

·         The Royal Philatelic Society London - The oldest philatelic society in the world

·         Till-Neumann - classic philately

· stamp links

·         Sperati Forgeries

·         Stamp Insurance - John Wardrop

·  - links to various stamp auctions

·         Suez Canal – forgeries vs genuine

·         Alterations, Fakes and Forgeries – Reperfed, repaired, fake grills, altered USA stamps

·         World Currency converter

·         World Time - find current time anywhere


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