County Philatelic Auctions

Print or Search


The catalogue text is formatted for our printed catalogue.  The text on the website is at a larger font size to make it more readable online.       As a result, and also depending on your screen size and settings, some lines may wrap and not display or print as intended. 


To avoid confusion the catalogue text is colour coded:-


·         Lot numbers are green

·         Lot descriptions are blue

·         Estimates are red

·         Country/Section headings are black


To search or print the catalogue you may find it best to get the catalogue text into your word processor.    This can be done as follows (This method works with MicroSoft Outlook and Word for Windows).


·         View the entire file in your browser (load until ‘Done’)  – select File – Edit – this should open the file in your word processor from which you can save it to disk.


·         The text can be searched for words and topics of interest.    Not all descriptions include catalogue numbers so searches using them may be incomplete.



·         select the entire file in your browser (control-A), Edit – Copy (to clipboard).


·         ‘Edit – Paste’ into a blank word processor sheet.  Here you can change the font (Arial 8pt recommended) and format or edit to suit your needs.  


·         You may need to set tabs (1cm left tab, 15cm right tab ‘dot leader’ recommended).  This should format the file so most lines are correct.   A few lines may flow off the page to the right, for these select the offending lines and drag the ‘right indent’ off the page to the right.


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