County Auctions Privacy Policy

All Customer Data such as Names and Addresses, Credit Card details, etc are stored securely and are not disclosed to third parties.

Similarly, bids are confidential and not disclosed to other bidders.

We only reveal information that you would find out at a public auction. For example: suppose we have a lot estimated at £10 and already have a bid at £15. You then telephone us. A typical conversation might be:

You: "I'm interested in lot xxx, can you tell me what bids you have on it?"

Auctioneer: "Sorry, we do not disclose other bids, it would be unfair to the other bidders. I can take a bid from you for it. What is your maximum bid?"

You: "OK, I'll go to £12."

Auctioneer: "I will enter £12 as your bid, but it doesn't win. The other bidder will now win it at £13." (One step above your £12 bid).

OR that last exchange might have been...

You: "OK, I'll go to £20"

Auctioneer: "I will enter your bid at £20. You will currently win the item at £16." (One step above the prior £15 bid).

You have committed the bid, but have been given no more information than you would have found out if you had been bidding in the room at a public auction.

We make sure we are fair to everybody.