How do Our Postal Auctions Work?

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Firstly, it is a Postal Auction. You do not attend. You can bid with confidence from Anywhere. If you win some lots, we simply mail them to you. Every lot comes with our Satisfaction Guarantee.

We mail out a high quality printed catalogue that describes 3100+ lots of individual stamps, sets, collections, covers etc.  This catalogue is also on our website.   Each lot has an accurate description and a realistic estimate of its market value.   You bid for those lots that interest you by quoting the maximum price you are prepared to pay for each.   You may well get the item for less than your maximum. Bids can be sent by mail, using the form on our website, email or phone.

Example: consider a lot estimated at £10

How do I bid?

It is very simple - look through the auction catalogue and select any lots that interest you, enter the lot Number and the maximum you are prepared to pay for it on your bid form - if in doubt bid the estimated price or a little over.

We ensure all lots including collections are good value at our estimate. Please keep to the published bidding steps. Complete the bid form then post or e-mail it and leave the rest to us. We take telephone bids too.

How much should I bid?

Except on lots marked , bids less than 90% of our estimate are unlikely to succeed - they waste your time and ours.  Because our estimates are low, many lots may have reserves close to or at estimate.  As a guide, over the last year the total of all the realisations was within 1½% of the sum of our corresponding estimates although the average bid is over 15% above estimate.  From this we know that overall our estimates are accurate. Most lots realise within plus or minus 10% of our estimates.

In the unlikely event that a lot is not correctly described - simply contact us to tell us why and return it in its original condition for a full refund.

The Website Catalogue Benefits

In many ways, the website is better than the printed catalogue. Nearly all lots have scans so you can see exactly what you are bidding for. The online catalogue text is larger and you can search it (CTRL-F) for items of interest. It is also available up to ten days ahead of the printed version - early bids take priority.

Right Material - Right price - Write now - Right!

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