It turned out to be rather More than Stamps

A while ago a purchase of her husband's collection from his widow produced an unexpected surprise - and it wasn't another 1 cent British Guiana.

It was just a fairly typical lot of nothing spectacular - albums of FDCs, assorted Royalty collections - the stuff that cost a fortune originally but is now worth the square root of tiddly-squat. Basically it was all 'deep joy' stuff. Its only saving grace was a stack of mint decimal GB we needed for postage. That made the whole lot palatable and our reasonable offer was accepted.  It filled the car - boot and back seat too.

She had said he very much enjoyed his stamps and that he used to spend hours locked away in his stamp room. We found out why.....

By chance, we noticed one FDC felt thicker than normal. As well as the usual insert card, there was something extra - a photograph of a delectable young lady in a state of undress. Further checking revealed that almost every cover contained a photo. Some showed girls he evidently knew extremely well ranging from the tasteful through to those that Boots would not have developed without calling the police.

By the time we discovered these photos, we had already consigned several cartons to another auction house just to shift a load of bulk. Goodness knows what someone might have found in them!

It seems he was a 'bit of a lad' and presumably she was totally unaware of his secret stash of photos or his activities with numerous different girls. We thought it best to keep it that way!

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