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Vendor Terms and Immediate Purchase


County is a well established and highly successful Postal Auction which offers 5000+ quality lots of GB and World every 2-3 months.  It has been running for many years and has over 240 sales to its credit.    We aim to supply quality, accurately described material at realistic prices and to ensure satisfaction for both vendor and buyer.    Contented customers remain customers for many years.


Why choose County?


·         We offer a friendly, efficient service backed by years of experience and integrity.


·         We have no hidden charges, no lotting fees, no unsold charges (unless reserves are unrealistic), no photograph charges, no buyers’ premium, no insurance charges, etc.   Normally we charge just our commission + VAT and return postage on any unsold or unsuitable material.


·         Our catalogues are of a professional standard, easy to read and well illustrated in full colour.


·         The real key is having the right quality material and the right customer base.  This is where County excels.  We regularly have hundreds of people bidding each sale.   With keen competition for lots, we tend to achieve impressive results.   With so many bidders, naturally far less sells merely at reserve.


·         Because we achieve good results, we have good vendors who supply a wealth of interesting and unusual material.  This in turn attracts more bidders and leads to yet more quality material from vendors and the whole spirals upwards into the success we have today.


What material is suitable?


We can sell nearly anything from complete collections and mixed lots to individual sets and singles provided they represent ‘value for money’.    County is a major success with many vendors wanting to supply material.    We are not short of material and are very selective about what we will accept.    We do not want any second rate material.   Consignments should be worth at least £200.


Lots must:-

·         be of good quality and have ‘sales’ appeal.

·         each must have an estimated market value (not catalogue value) of at least £40.

·         not clash with material already on hand (so please phone first to discuss).

·         be readily described in one line (we use multiple lines only if warranted).


Material submitted should be fully listed and described in our catalogue style.  Our normal format is:


·         "Country - Date -  Description - Estimate"

·         For singles or sets descriptions should include SG numbers and current catalogue value.  Any faults must be noted - our buyers should not get unpleasant surprises!    Reserves, if any, must be realistic.

·         Machine readable descriptions are welcomed.  Please ask about format.


Mixed lots received will be offered as such.  Do not expect us to sort out and catalogue them.   If we have to spend time doing that, we are better off doing it for the mass of our own material which we have on hand.


Outright Purchase


Often prospective Vendor material is not suitable for immediate inclusion in our sales.   It may clash with similar material already held or comprise sets worth less than £40 or total less than £200 and hence not economic to offer on a Vendor basis.   These and any other philatelic related accumulations we can still offer to purchase outright.   Indeed we spend £10,000’s each year this way.   Also where the material is not up to County standards we can still buy it as we have other outlets where we can dispose of large quantities of diverse material.


Commission Charges


Our standard commission rate is 20% with a minimum of £5 per sold lot and £20 per Sale.     This is negotiable on exceptional properties.     VAT is added to all commission charges quoted.


·         We do not charge a buyers' premium, this means our standard 20% commission is competitive.    Many quote only 10% commission but most also charge the buyer a further 10% or more.  Nearly all auction houses therefore work on an overall 20% or more.  


·         Vendors may say “but I don’t pay the buyers’ premium” – that is an illusion, of course they do.


Buyers’ premium or not, the result as far as the vendor is concerned is much the same.    For example, (ignoring VAT for simplicity) consider a lot which a buyer values at £20..   In County he would bid £20 and (if sold at £20) would result in £16 for the vendor.     However, with a buyers’ premium and knowing it is going to be added to the hammer price, the buyer automatically reduces his bid to £18.   With the premium, he still pays around £20 and you, the Vendor, still end up with the same £16.


·         Vendors are normally paid 5-6 weeks after the sale.  Advances can be given subject to negotiation.


·         While we take great care, insurance of material is the Vendor's responsibility.  Lots withdrawn after the catalogue has gone to our printers may incur commission charges based on our estimate.


If you have material you would like to dispose of, please email or telephone first on 01256 780191 to discuss how best we can help.  Please do not just send it.    Sending from overseas can only be accepted with prior agreement and must comply with Customs regulations.   Thank you.


We also buy material outright with instant payment.    We are only a phone call away.  £10,000’s available for the right material.


Right Material - Right price - Write now - Right!

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